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Thanks a million!  As you know, this situation regarding my brother's death caused a great deal of anxiety for my family.  We are a long way from where he lived, we didn't know anyone or the city, we had no idea about attorney's, the law, property values, markets, etc.

Your professional group put us in touch with the right people and organizations to resolve all the issues that would have been extremely difficult without your excellent help.  As things turned out, it has been a walk in the park for us thanks to you.

It became obvious to me as we moved along that the service we received was not an exception, the advice you gave my brother concerning his purchases was right-on!  The sales of his properties was made easy because they were the right ones according to his needs at the time, future performance potential and your group handling the sale.

On behalf of myself and our family - Thank you very much!

- John B.

Thanks so much for helping to make our dreams come true.  Working with you was a pleasure!  Kerry, you always made us feel that we were the only clients that you had.  You were able to almost eliminate the stress of selling a house.  Always remember that you were a very important part of making 4 generations of our family very, very happy!  Thanks.

- Jan & Charlie B.

Just wanted to thank you for your assistance in my "real estate change".  I'm still recovering & getting settled.  Thanks for the basket at closing & the generous donation to charity.  That is really great that you do that.  Hope all is well.  Thanks especially for all the referrals to the various "workers" that one needs when buying a home with much to do.  Take care,

- Steve M.

Kerry does a wonderful job, we cannot think of any improvements to her way of business.  Your donation on our behalf to charity was an added surprise.  This is a very thoughtful gesture.  Thank you.

- Adrian & Holly L.

Kerry was excellent.  She made the experience of selling my house the easiest and most rewarding experience I've had in a long time.  She is outstanding in customer service and a top notch professional!  Without a doubt I will contact Kerry again if I have a house to sell.  Kerry is fantastic, fun, knowledgeable, professional and caring.  I definitely  felt that I was the most important person in the transaction!

- Jennifer L.

Kerry was great, very professional and made my difficult situation just a bit easier to deal with.  Best wishes always.

- Molly C.

Gina and I are so thankful that you helped us get through the renovation and selling of our dad's house.  Your advice and resources, as well as your continued follow-up were enthusiastic and very professional!

I believe the house sold for top dollar given its location.  We were proud and pleased to hand a lovely house over to the new owner.  Many thanks for everything!

- Harriet L.

- Molly C.


Agent Testimonials

I left a "traditional brokerage" to move my license to Kerry for several reasons; Kerry is an awesome and dynamic broker, she has tapped into what every experienced agent wants, no nickel-and-diming, fair treatment, commissions paid quickly (at the closing table), easy to use digital file system, remote working environment. She offers a professional office to meet your clients at and the support you need and want from your broker. I loved her so much I recruited several of my friends to join me!

- Suzy Haughwout

Making the move to Palm Realty was a great choice for me.  They have a gorgeous new space to meet with clients, the latest in real estate technology, and a very supportive broker and office staff.   No mandatory office duty, so I can work on my own schedule and the highly competitive commission split speaks for itself.

- Heather Cronin

I chose Palm Realty for a few reasons. I like the idea of keeping 100% of my commission for a mere transaction fee. I really don’t need an office space at this point; being in the business for 15 years now, I work virtually most of the time, but in those instances when clients want to meet at my office I can because Palm’s office is new and leaves a great first impression.  The broker, Kerry Klun, co-owned a Remax franchise for many years and has brought over the best of Remax style marketing, but doesn’t charge all the junk fees of Remax.  I always know exactly what I’m going to make on my deals because Palm Realty makes the commission structure so simple.  I would recommend taking a look at Palm Realty before settling for a lesser firm.

- Joel Mayer

I was at a local brokerage that promised me the world, and with the split they gave me (65/35), they should have been giving me the world. They did nothing for me....and then I heard about Palm Realty and the way Kerry was running it and I was sold before I even met her.  And then when I met her I knew, for a fact, that I made the right move.  Thank you Kerry!! 

- Kris Shanahan