Agent Testimonials

I left a "traditional brokerage" to move my license to Kerry for several reasons; Kerry is an awesome and dynamic broker, she has tapped into what every experienced agent wants, no nickel-and-diming, fair treatment, commissions paid quickly (at the closing table), easy to use digital file system, remote working environment. She offers a professional office to meet your clients at and the support you need and want from your broker. I loved her so much I recruited several of my friends to join me!

- Suzy Haughwout

Making the move to Palm Realty was a great choice for me.  They have a gorgeous new space to meet with clients, the latest in real estate technology, and a very supportive broker and office staff.   No mandatory office duty, so I can work on my own schedule and the highly competitive commission split speaks for itself.

- Heather Cronin

I chose Palm Realty for a few reasons. I like the idea of keeping 100% of my commission for a mere transaction fee. I really don’t need an office space at this point; being in the business for 15 years now, I work virtually most of the time, but in those instances when clients want to meet at my office I can because Palm’s office is new and leaves a great first impression.  The broker, Kerry Klun, co-owned a Remax franchise for many years and has brought over the best of Remax style marketing, but doesn’t charge all the junk fees of Remax.  I always know exactly what I’m going to make on my deals because Palm Realty makes the commission structure so simple.  I would recommend taking a look at Palm Realty before settling for a lesser firm.

- Joel Mayer

I was at a local brokerage that promised me the world, and with the split they gave me (65/35), they should have been giving me the world. They did nothing for me....and then I heard about Palm Realty and the way Kerry was running it and I was sold before I even met her.  And then when I met her I knew, for a fact, that I made the right move.  Thank you Kerry!! 

- Kris Shanahan